Level transmitter with submersible probe in stainless steel for level measurement in vessels where pressure connection in the bottom of the vessel is not possible or desirable. For exampel pump pits, reservoirs or plastic tanks.

  • Analogue electronics.
  • Accuracy 0,35 % (option 0,1%).
  • Small diameter, only 20 mm, to fit in narrow applications
  • Fixed measurment ranges.
  • Withstands media temperatures up to 80 °C continuously.
  • Intrinsic safe. EExia IIB T4 according to ATEX (by NEMKO).
  • Stainless steel IP68 measurment probe with a 316L stainless steel diaphragm
  • Completely casted electronics for highest possible reliability.
  • Well tested and approved for CE (EMC and PED).