Pressure and differential pressure transmitter. Electronic transmitter with a wide range of process connections. Stainless steel housing with hygienic design. PT60 type T is a hygienic differential pressure transmitter. This type of transmitter is mainly intended to be used for level measurement on pressurised tanks (with low or medium static pressure) and similar applications. Type T can be manufactured with different types of process connections for example hygienic nut SMS Rd60-6 or clamp 38/51 (see the selection guide for possible choices). This type has been developed as a complement to existing products in the PT60 series. For example this
type can replace two transmitters and a subtraction modul with much better result. Type T can also replace a traditional differential pressure transmitter in applications with low or medium static pressures.

PT60 type T has all the other advantages that the PT60 series has, for example:

  • Stainless steel IP67-housing protects from dust and moisture.
  • The transmitter is directly connected to the process media without any need for pressure
    intermedia, this eliminates temperature drift and gives a rugged design.
  • Withstands media temperatures up to 150 °C continuously.
  • Configuration can be performed direct on the transmitter with buttons, standard Hart hand
    terminal, or the PC program PI2000.

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