Electronic process transmitter for pressure and level

  • PT06FA is a low price transmitter with high performance. PT06FA have analogue electronics.
  • Fixed ranges. Zeroing and adjustment of span can be done with internal trim potentiometers.
  • Direcly connected process connections without pressure intermedia, eliminates temperatur influence and provides a robust design.
  • Well tested and approved for, 3A and CE (EMC och PED).
  • Withstand media temperatures up to 150 °C continuousley. (Very little effect from high media temperatures due to small filling oil volume.)
  • A choice of 16 different process connections gives freedom to adapt to every application.
  • Stainless steel IP67-housing protects the electronics from dust and moisture. Hygienic design, no dirt collecting gaps or pockets . Easy to clean and minimal risk for corrosion.
  • Diaphragm resistent to media with particles.

Data sheet