Product development

Pondus Instruments have an aggressive philosophy of production development. We work continuosly to implement the latest technology in our and our customers products. We often co-operate with other manufacturer where we can reach synergy, reducing costs and more rapidly come to market. In this way we recently developed fieldbus products for Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus. This development was performed in a consortium of three Swedish and two Norwegian companies.

During the latest years we have developed a number of new series of pressure transmitters and level transmitters. The products are developed in a fully modular way for easy adaption to all customers needs.

We also work with a very innovative development together with the Royal Institute of Technology, X-valve. The product is supposed to be used as a component in I/P converters and pneumatic components. We expect that this product will revolutionise this technique.

Customer related development
We also develop and manufacture products special for customers. Products which main purpose is to solve customers problems in the best and most effective way. Among others we have developed an innovative hygienic differential pressure transmitter for a large international customers. We also manufacture this product for the customer. We have also developed several numbers of product lines for other customers, both OEM products and products for the customers label.

Pondus Instruments have high knowledge on adapting sensors to difficult measuring situations and medias. We have high competence and great capacity to develop and produce products specified by the customer.