The biggest and most important part of the company is the production. The production are very technically advanced. We have focused on keeping the most advanced core production techniques in the company.

We have chosen to source out all other production, such as all mechanical work, turning, milling, mounting of electronics etc. For this reason we have built up a very competent purchase department. We have also worked hard developing a reliable qualitysystem for purchase (and of course for all other functions in the company.) Qualitysystem puts high demands on our subcontractor quality and delivery certainty and on our own arrival- and reception control.

The processes we have chosen to keep in the company and specialise on is:

  • Advanced TIG and plasma welding, for example in round feeding automatic machines
  • Specialised resistance welding, for example under oil.
  • Filling with different oils in vacuum.
  • Computer based measuring and testing in climate chambers etc.

This way to work imply that we can guarantee a very high quality both internaly and to the end customer. This method of working also gives us the possibility to reach competitive prices even with small series without jeopardize the companies profitability.

Advanced TIG and plasma welding
For perfect high performing radial welds we have develop and built an half automatic TIG- welder together with Migatronic. This machine are used for welding pipes and instrument cowers.

The plasmawelding technique are used for welding of thin materials (down to 0,05 mm) against thick materials, for example welding of membranes against membraneplates.

Specialised resistance welding
Our production demands in many cases complicated special welds. To handle this we often use resistance welding technique and for this purpouse we have constructed a number of half automatic welding machines.

For example we use this technique to safely weld capillary tubes to membrane plates and sensors.

In our production of pressure transmitters we need to completely fill a closed space with a pressure intermedium oil. To handle this in a effective and safe way we have developed and produced special vacuum chambers.

One of the most important functions in our production is testing. We always must confirm that the products we deliver reach our high demands on quality and that they fulfils the performance that we specify in datasheets.

To handle this we have developed and built advanced computerised testing systems for example for testing of pressure transmitters and sensors during different temperatures and pressures. Leakage detection is another quality critical test that we perform in our production. For this purpose we use the most contemporary and advanced equipment.

Quality system
To secure our high quality demands we have developed an effective quality system for all our processes. We have focused on handling and selection of subcontractors, evaluation of returns, evaluation of internal production processes and on control of recieved goods. For our production processes we also have a comprehensive quality system, for example with accurate instructions for all process.

  • We control our complete business with an effective MPS system.
  • All our products are traceable from material certifications on raw material to end tests.
  • The quality system are certified according to ISO 9001:2000 by NEMKO.
  • Our quality system are regularly controlled by our customers.