Pondus Instruments has today a competitive range of own products distributed world-wide. Our main product family PT60 is a process pressure transmitter with great advantage to competitors products.

  • All processconnections are directly connected without pressure intermedia.
  • A wide range of connections to fit all customers applications. (Today 19 different processconnections)
  • Withstands high media temperatures, continuous 150 degrees C, shortly up to 200 degrees C.
  • Simple handling for calibration etc. directly on the transmitter.
  • Hygienic and clean non-corrosive design.

For level applications we have an innovative submersible measuring probe with 2-sensor technique, LT60. LT60 are designed with an absolute pressure sensor in the electronic box that compensate for variations in the atmospheric pressure. This reduces the need of a reference pressure tube in the sond cable.

Another product in our program is the I/P transformer, IXP50. Transforming 4-20 mA signal to a pneumatic analogue pressure. IXP50 is based on a patented technique and is very precise and durable.

Pondus Instruments has also developed different product lines for other customers, both OEM products and products for labelling. The company have big competence in applying sensors to tough industrial applications.

The company also have great competence and capacity to develop products exclusively for customers.