Level transmitter with submersible probe in stainless steel for level measurement in vessels where pressure connection in the bottom of the vessel is not possible or desirable. For example pump pits, reservoirs or plastic tanks.

  • LT100 has microcomputer based electronics.
  • HART communication.
  • Accuracy 0,1 %.
  • Configuration through HART communication from PC with the program PI2000 or with a standard hand held HART terminal.
  • Withstands mediatemperatures up to 80 °C continuously.
  • Well tested and approved for Exia according to ATEX and CE (EMC and PED).
  • Lightning protected (option). Fullfills the demands for Class 1 testing according to IEC61643-1, 5 kA (10/350 uS). This means that the transmitter can withstand a stroke of lightning close to the supply/signal cables. (Not available togheter with EExia approval.)
  • Stainless steel measurment probe with a rugged Hastelloy C 276 diaphragm (others on request).
  • Embossed diaphragm, insensitive to particles and contact. Can easily be cleaned without deformation.
  • Big span turn down ratio. Down to 1/30 of sensor limit.